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Researchers at Northeastern University have discovered a new antibiotic called darobactin, hiding in the gut of a tiny, soil-dwelling, parasitic worm. Tests on mice have so far proved promising against gram-negative bacteria. A new study from an international team of geneticists is suggesting we are further away than many realize from being able to effectively genetically select for complex polygenic traits such as IQ or height and create designer babies.

A new view of the Milky Way has revealed how the galactic center would appear to human beings if our eyes were able to detect low-frequency radio waves. As far as fighting climate change is concerned, "one whale is worth thousands of trees," the IMF has said. But reports suggesting that trees therefore pale into insignificance compared to whales are missing the point.

amber&VANILLA - Shirt mit Kelchkragen - navabi

On February 23, , a supernova lit up the night sky, visible to the naked eye for the first time in almost years. ESA is delving into how astronaut hibernation would affect space missions. The study suggests that using hibernation on a Mars mission would reduce the mass of the spacecraft by a third and cut the amount of consumables by about the same amount.

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It's also suggested low-grade inflammation can result in mental sluggishness. Gamma-ray bursts are already the most energetic events we know of in the universe. However, like a lot of people you may have concluded that the meaning of existence is a tough nut to crack. Most philosophers and scientists are quick to agree that it is no easy task finding out why we exist and what our true purpose might be.

Philosophers come in many shapes and sizes, and most are interested in certainty. So what can we be certain of?

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It also certain that for everything that exists there is an opposite. The moment we set out to rationally examine something before us, we are bound to discover its counterpart. We have life and death or existence and non-existence.

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We have men and women or masculine and feminine. We have age and youth, night and day, black and white, right and wrong, good and bad, inside and outside. We have wholes and parts, chaos and order, sorrow and happiness, despair and hope, comedy and tragedy; and we have waking and sleeping, consciousness and unconsciousness, right brain and left brain, intellect and emotion, beauty and ugliness, truth and falsehood, ignorance and knowledge.

So it goes ad infinitum. Of all the dichotomies, surely the most important is that of mind versus body. It is important because it is most personal and immediate. Well, philosophers and scientists emphasize how tricky it is to explain how minds and bodies interact. We can give a fair assessment of what mind does, but are not so expert at explaining what mind is. Relatively speaking, we have a somewhat better grasp of what a body is and how it operates.

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When we examine our bodies, we see skin, flesh, hair, joints and various extended limbs. We have a certain height and weight, and know that beneath the surface of our skin we possess subcutaneous fat, muscle fiber, bones, bone marrow, nerves, organs, glands, blood, grey and white brain matter, etc.

Bodies exist in the world around us. That much cannot be doubted.

σφραγισμένα χείλη imdb Πακέτο εξωτερικής μπαταρίας για Toshiba Satellite A110-334

When a brain suffers damage, the body housing it ceases to be worth much. The mind can therefore be said to animate the body, and be more important than the body which houses it. Most of us think the immaterial mind is greater than the physical body and brain through which it apparently operates. However, as I said, philosophers have labored to explain exactly how the matter of our brains and bodies is animated by the seemingly incorporeal mind.

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How does mind affect the blood, bone, nerves and neural circuitry of the human body? How does it create movement and stimulate action? Saying that a mind is a computer or network of computers does not explain much. Saying it is the result of a long evolutionary process also explains little. After all, why are humans apparently the only species with their kind of intelligence?

We know humans are unique, but why so? Again, we are not able to find conclusive answers to questions of this sort.

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Is it because there are no answers, or because we are looking at the problem from the wrong perspective? In my opinion there is something profoundly revealing about the existence of and connection between mind and body which has rarely been given the attention it deserves.

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My interest is not on how the body-mind interface works, whether the mind is greater than the body, or whether the mind is a phantom. I thought I was being pretty even-handed. On the other hand, it obscures clarity when the meaning of one word is conflated with the meaning of another.

There seems to be a human need to divide issues into polar opposites. In reality, very few people hold opinions that are so clear cut. Yet, just look at how so many topics are polarised into binary arguments:.